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Bangkok Heightz
Outlet: Thai Modern restaurant & bar

Located: 39th floor

Opening: Everyday
Till midnight

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"We've elevated authentic Thai cuisine to a new level in our rooftop dining experience venue" Bangkok Heightz is a high end authentic Thai food restaurant located on the rooftop of The Continent. Situated on the 39th floor of the hotel overlooking a fabulous cityscape, it features luxury Thai dining and Asian fusion in a fine dining atmosphere that can’t be topped. Bangkok Heightz takes traditional Thai street food recipes and elevates them to new heights, combining the best of Thai cuisine and fine dining.

Bangkok Heightz is Bangkok’s newest luxury Thai restaurant and bar, set on top of the town in its most hip neighbourhood. Located up on the 39th floor of The Continent, the authentic Thai restaurant lives up to its name as a true rooftop restaurant and fine dining spot, looking out over the trendy Asok-Sukhumvit area, home to Bangkok’s trendiest nightclubs and shopping.

The Thai cuisine here is modern and Asian fusion, found both in the food and the drinks. Dig in to popular Thai food favourites like goong rad prik, normally made with shrimp covered in a sweet and sour sauce made of tamarind, brown sugar, chilies, and Thai herbs, but here served on fine Canadian lobster, boiled exactly for three minutes prior to frying. Or sample some grapao pla, Thailand’s signature holy basil, here fried in a tempered wok with chilies and served on delectable snowfish. Another seafood favourite featured on the fine dining menu here is pu nim pad prik thai dam stir fried soft shelled crab with black pepper and salted egg. Using the finest high end ingredients combined with age-old recipes make Bangkok Heightz one of the best Thai restaurants in town. In addition to the extensive menu, there are plenty of fine wines and signature cocktails to pair with as well. Novel drink creations include the Chao Phraya Sling and Siam Libre amongst other mixologist specials.

Bangkok Heightz takes Thailand’s renowned street food, known for its complex blend of spices, herbs, and flavours, and elevates it to new heights. The restaurant takes all of Thailand’s top dishes and brings them to a new level; think luxury street eats with a twist; authentic recipes in a refined environment.

Along with the fine food and drink, Bangkok Heightz is a trendy and cool place to hangout up above the crowds, as there is a DJ booth pumping out the latest tunes, making it an after dinner venue as well. For rooftop dining and authentic cuisine, Bangkok Heightz Thai food simply cannot be beat.

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